It’s Universal Children’s Day — Let’s Celebrate!

I saw this on Compassion’s Blog and wanted to share it. I know it will make you smile.  Also while you are at Compassion’s website consider giving a child the  gift of a you sponsoring them this Christmas.

It’s Universal Children’s Day — Let’s Celebrate!.

4 thoughts on “It’s Universal Children’s Day — Let’s Celebrate!

  1. melodyintheheart says:

    Hi T one of my Pen names is Melodyanne , I had to use it now because, the Hackers have blocked all ways for us to access Freedomborn our Blog, they have also crashed my Computer two times. WordPress are not answering when I write but perhaps they are not getting my communication. One thing I know for sure God always has the Victory and evil begets evil, so sadly they will reap what they sow but please pray as I will do that they will come to heart repentance, it is not God’s will anyone suffers eternally, it is their choice, Truth only causes concern when we are in error, if they have fear of The Truth we share and so seek to stop us Blogging, it is because they are fearful and deceived or if it’s for power or money or even revenge, they will find as God tells us, when people hurt His redeemed Children they bring their own punishment. Although the Police are aware we will seek no revenge but will look for a new way to stay in touch with all our American Christian friends.

    I have been blessed by your friendship T and felt even the times we needed to seek to resolve thoughts and feelings were benifical. I will keep in touch with you by e-mail as I’m not sure if you will receive this comment, I will let you know about our new Blog or if we continue with Freedomborn on WordPress, take Care till then and God bless you and your Loved ones greatly.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne ( Melodyanne)


  2. Freedomborn says:

    Hi T I thought I would reply to this message again, at the time I was very upset and just wanted to let you know that I was having trouble keeping in contact and I also needed your prayer support but now I would like to affirm as you have shared before, that everyday should be Children’s Day, they are indeed very important and are very much so to Jesus too. When we train them in the way they should go in relation to God’s guidelines they will hold to His Truth when the time comes for them to choose.

    Thank you again T for your heart of Love for all of God’s little Children and even though I can now leave a Like I will also leave you a 🙂

    Christian Love – Anne


  3. T says:

    Hi Anne, I am not sure why its not showing but I thought I had answered your first comment back. I did get your email though but you wrote not to reply to it for a week so I was waiting a week to reply like you suggested. Even though I waited to reply to the email do know I have been praying for you and your blog troubles and also prayed for you Anne my friend that God will give you comfort and peace during your time of need. Thank you so much for for leaving me a 🙂 and also for your friendship. I will continue to pray for you,


  4. Freedomborn says:

    I will respond to you here T as perhaps others have also experienced these problems with WordPress, although it could be a hacker. Comments dissapearing and reappearing or both have been happening to me since I started Blogging but at times it has been worse. Perhaps those who are moderating our comments like to have the power to decide what they think and agree with will be posted and if not delete them. I have even had Posts deleted. They seem also to want to manipulate others by moderating when not wanted by Bloggers themselves and so causing with all theses things hurt feelings and confusion, as you can see by them deleting your comment but as I said it could be a Hacker as I have mostly found WordPress staff helpful but then someone made sure I could not leave a Like on Blogs and it has now been confirmed it was not Browser issues although appearing to be and to do this they must have had access to WordPress controls.

    Thank you for your prayers T they are greatly appreciated, I feel there are more things that need to be resolved but I know God will have the Victory and unless whoever it is that is hurting others comes to real heart repentance which will be shown by their actions, they will be accountable Eternally, their choice, so as I asked before T please pray for them too.

    Christian Love – Anne


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