Who Am I Writing For?

For the past couple of weeks I have not written a lot, to be honest I was feeling a little discouraged.  I had my first taste of someone disagreeing with a few things I had written in a couple of my blog posts.  Every since that happened I had been struggling with sharing my thoughts and I kept second guessing myself wondering if I had any business blogging at all.

Since I became a blogger…(it still sounds odd to me when I say that I am a blogger)… I have read a lot of blogs and there were many I did not agree with.  I have also left blogs because I just plain did not like them at all and some I did not agree with but I read them anyway because I found them quite interesting.  Then there are those blogs that I absolutely fell in love with, the ones I followed and I go back again and again excited to read their new posts.

As far as my own blog goes I never really considered myself a writer I just like to write stuff down.  Does that make me a writer because I write stuff down??  Maybe yes or maybe no but the one thing I do know is I have been writing down my feelings and life experiences into journals since I was a very young girl so that’s what I do… I write… I never said it that I am a good writer, I just love to write.

Though I love to write somehow for the past two weeks I did managed to get some sort of writer’s block going. I let my old insecurities get the best of me.   I did published a poem I already had in my drafts folder and a  picture blog but could not seem to even write a simple ‘this is what I did today’ in my own personal journal.

Something I have noticed about God is that if I am in line with Him he will make sure I know.  Just as if I am not and in need of an attitude adjustment He will find a way to give me one of those too.  Today I got my long needed attitude adjustment.  It all started yesterday when I read a short ebook which opened my eyes a bit to who I really blog for, but then the biggest thing that happened to adjust my attitude was tonight a friend sent me an email with a blog post in it.  That blog post hit me right square between the eyes. I am pretty sure God wanted me to read that blog because it helped me to see that I am not here blogging to please anyone but God.

The blog post my friend sent is one I think every blogger will enjoy and I want to share it with you, it is very good.   Here is a link to that blog –>by Ann Voskamp ‘How to Live, Blog, and Write’.  She also has a blogger’s prayer that can be printed.  I printed it to hang over my desk to help keep me reminded from now on why I write this blog –> A Bloggers Prayer

When I started writing this blog I started it because I felt like God wanted me to start sharing with others my thoughts that I would normally only put in my personal journal.  At that time I was a brand new Christian though I am still quite new to all this ‘God stuff’.  If you knew me before I knew Jesus you would understand what I mean by that statement ‘God Stuff’. It’s a whole new world for me when I have all this God stuff making me act all weird and do things I sometimes find quite scary to do but yet I keep finding blessings everywhere I turn now that I never used to notice before.   I also seem to learn something new every single day as I am experiencing life in a whole new and exciting way.

I do not share my thoughts or experiences on my blog for recognition, followers or the approval of others.  When I read other people’s blogs many times I have left encouraged feeling blessed that they would so boldly share their own stories by putting them out there and sharing them with others.  There are so many unique people and blogs out there and I am thankful to have found the ones I have found so far.   One thing that I have noticed is that we do not all think alike and when I ran into others who did not agree with what I wrote I started to second guess what I was doing here forgetting a very important thing…. that the whole reason I am here is to tell MY story about my own walk with God.  Actually it’s the name of my blog ‘A Story By Me’ with the tag line ‘As I’m learning to see’.  In my stories I tell my thoughts and my feelings and I really want the blog to be about God.   I want to share how His love, kindness and caring has helped me in the hope that it will encourage those who read it. I am just normal lady living a normal life who writes down my thoughts and I still feel really quite surprised that people actually read what I write.

Just as I do You also have your own unique story to tell, so be yourself, do not worry about what anyone else thinks.  Just be you the way God made you to be and if you are a blogger write it down and boldly hit that publish button!  You never know who may be on the other side of that screen searching for what you have written, maybe the words that God intends for them to see today are the ones written by you.

Happy blogging and thanks for reading!  God bless you 🙂

Psalm 91:1-2  Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.

6 thoughts on “Who Am I Writing For?

  1. neritia says:

    I wonder whether it’s an October-thing? Love this psot and I also want to say – don’t stop, we need each other’s stories…it’s good to know we all battle with the same things!

    Just continue!! xoxo


  2. Buky says:

    Hi Terri, love your honesty and sincerity. You cant please everyone so just carry on being your best self. I love your blog and I look forward to reading it.


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