Jesus First

This morning I was browsing my facebook page and found these two videos in the feed they were so good I wanted to share them.

With Jesus first there is always hope.

Whispering Danny

Shane Kampe

These videos are from the website I am Second, If you would like to watch more inspirational videos from I am Second click this link —>

2 thoughts on “Jesus First

  1. Beverley says:

    Whispering Danny, had me mesmerize right to the end, I’ve shared this also. Thanks Terri.
    I’m trying to be a Jesus sharer with caution, two favorite people in my life are not saved I’m trying to tread carefully and get through to them one is my Freind from age seven and the other is my cousin from age seven. Both know what my life was worth, so I’m hoping God will work in mysterious ways.


    • T says:

      oh yes I was mesmerized by him too! Have you read the book “I am Second”? It has a lot of these stories in it. They are all true and very fascinating. I do know what you mean about being a Jesus sharer with caution, I have a lot of friends and family who are not saved and I always try to think about how I felt when I did not believe. I try not be to pushy yet I also know that Jesus is what saved my life and I want that for everyone else too but I know pushing used to turn me off. God does work in mysterious ways, He always has a plan, sometimes we just plant the seeds and someone else will come along and water them. I can see in my life people who planted seeds and probably thought I never would get it, but then someone else watered them. It took just the right person to get me to believe and I know that person was sent by God just as all the others were too. Sorry if I am rambling lol its so hard to say what I mean sometimes, I hope that this made sense. Thank you once again for reading my blog and commenting, have a wonderful evening!


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