Come Sit With Me Awhile

 I know you are busy but if you just have a moment I would love to talk to you.

Will you please come sit with me awhile?

It’s the dawning of a new day.  As you lay there sleeping I sit quietly beside you watching over you as the sun begins to rise outside your window.  You are so beautiful.  When you wake up I plan to tell you just how beautiful you are.  I am looking so forward to our time together.

I see your eyes begin to flutter open…I know you are so very thankful to have those eyes, they are awesome aren’t they?   I want to show you something, come over here to the window and look out.  You have got to see this sunrise!  I painted it just for you and it is spectacular!  Excuse me, where are you going?  the window is this way.   Oh okay, I understand its coffee time.  After you have your coffee I can show you the sun.  I have so many beautiful things to show you today.  You are going to be so blessed once you see what I have in store for you; it’s going to be so great!  But for now I will just head on to the kitchen with you.  As soon as you get your coffee you and I will hang out for a while.

Isn’t it wonderful how those hands of yours move as you prepare your coffee? You can be half asleep, get the coffee brewing and also put a couple slices of toast into the toaster.  That auto pilot feature I put in your brain was an ingenious invention wasn’t it?  By the way what kind of coffee is that you are brewing? Whatever it is it sure smells wonderful, I am so glad I thought of giving you the sense of smell and you just wait until you taste it I’m sure you are going to love it.  I will wait right here with you until your coffee is finished brewing and then we can share it together.  It makes me so happy to see you experience pleasure and I am looking so forward to spending time with you; it’s going to be so wonderful.

I was really hoping we could sit and talk as you enjoyed your coffee but I guess you are going to shower first.  I can see that you have a real busy day ahead of you so when you are finished with your shower and we have our time together I will show you my plan I have for your day. It’s a great plan and I am positive it will make your day run so much smoother.  I can’t wait to show you!  But for now you just enjoy that nice warm shower that I have blessed you with and I will be right here beside you, waiting and looking forward to our visit.

That was a fast shower! I see that you are dressed and have your coffee in hand so finally we can have our talk, lets go sit out on the porch it such a lovely morning you do NOT want to miss it, our time together is going to be so great…

Well…. it looks as if we are not heading for the porch but heading for the car instead.  I hope you don’t mind if I ride along, maybe we can talk in the car.

You seem to be in such a hurry and it looks as if traffic is really bad today so why not slow down just a tiny bit?  I can see that you are getting agitated so I am thinking that this would be a great time for us to talk.  What was that you said as you rolled your eyes upward??  It sounded like you said “Lord help me?”  Well yes of course I will help you;  just as soon as you finish that phone call you just started.   You just let me know when you are ready and we will talk for sure, I will be right here beside you… waiting.

and waiting,

and waiting,

and waiting,

Wow what a day!   Its to bad we never had a chance to talk.   I know your day was not so great, I truly am sorry you are sad. It makes me very sad when you are sad.  I wish we could have had some time together.  All day long I have been here with you. I never left your side.  I have been here trying to catch you as you rushed by.   I have been here ready to wipe your tears of frustration, hold you, comfort you and tell you I love you.  I also put blessing after blessing in your path all day long hoping maybe you would see one of them.  It makes me sad that you missed them.   I wish you would have seen the sun as it rose over the trees this morning. It was awesome so majestic and bright with pinks and blues swirling in the clouds around it.  The dew was sparkling,  flowers were blooming and the birds were singing.  I wish you would have stopped for just a moment and heard those birds; I had them sing a special song just for you. I am so sorry you missed them.   I was also there for you in the smile of the elderly man who you passed by while you were rushing, if you could have taken a few seconds to smile back at him there was a blessing waiting for you there, I am so sad you missed it.   Did you see those children laughing as they played? Or how about the cool breeze that was blowing?   All of those blessings were only a  few of just the morning blessings…  there were so many blessings you missed throughout the whole day today.  I sure wish we could have visited for a just a while.  I had so much to show you today, I am so sorry you missed it… maybe if you have time we can visit awhile tomorrow?

Now as you close your eyes to go to sleep, know that I will be here.  I am always here right beside you watching over you. I will never leave you.  When the new day dawns I will be right here waiting for you and I hope we can talk.  I know it will be so good 🙂

I am sure many of you have had days like this, I know I sure have.  I can imagine how it must hurt Him that I ignore Him after all that he has done for me.  How awful would it be if one day I woke up and found Him ignoring me because he had to much to do?   Thankfully God never would do that.  He never leaves us, we may stray away from Him but he is faithful and true ALWAYS.  Don’t miss out on time with Him each day, He loves you and wants to meet with you each and every day.  Take the time to be with your Heavenly Father, He takes the time for you.  Don’t miss the blessings.  Thanks for reading and God bless you 🙂

 Deuteronomy 31:6  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you

 Psalm 121:1-2  I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 42:1  as the deer pants for streams of water, my soul pants for you, my God.


2 thoughts on “Come Sit With Me Awhile

  1. Freedomborn says:

    Gee T I haven’t time to read your message but will try to get back later Hmmmm and that is why I have only just now read your wonderful message, God bless you T for reminding me, Jesus tried but I was too busy! 😳

    Christian Love – Anne


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