Spider Webs

This morning when I woke up the black swirling spider webs were floating so badly through my vision that I could not bare to open my eyes.  I did not know how I was going to be able to survive the day seeing like this.  I closed the curtains turned off the lights went and lay down and cried.  As I cried I began to talk to God asking him why and asking for peace.  I do not know how long I lay there crying and praying but the more I talked to Him the more I could feel myself beginning to calm as I felt His peace began to wash over me and fill me up.  As I lay there praying I noticed a warmth upon my face.  I opened my eyes and I saw a sunbeam shining in through the window even though I had closed the curtains.  Then I felt the nudging and heard a small voice saying,  ”Open your eyes go look outside”.   I went to my front door touched the knob and slowly opened the door.

As I opened the door I saw that one of my flower bushes had bloomed.  It had bloomed the biggest most giant blossoms I have ever seen.  The huge pink blossoms were the size of my hand and were opened up with drops of dew shimmering in the morning sunlight. What a gift!  I looked up towards Heaven to say thank you Lord as I raised my face I saw the sun rising, shining in all its glory through of all things, the tree branches in my yard. They were blowing in the wind.  At that moment I knew Jesus himself was standing in my front yard right beside me showing me everything is going to be alright.  As the black spider webs floated around in my vision I realized they floated in my eyes with a peaceful movement exactly like tree branches floating in the wind in my yard.  I wasn’t seeing spider webs anymore I was seeing branches swaying in the wind.

This may sound crazy to anyone else but at that moment I realized that God was showing me something I have never seen before.  Could this be a blessing or maybe a lesson? Of course it is.  Not everyone gets to see black spider webs in their vision turn into tree branches. He was showing me that there is always beauty and peace to be seen even on the darkest day during our darkest hour.  When we see tragedy or sadness in the world God is still here.  He is here always, He is never changing. All a person has to do is open their eyes. I can not walk through my life with my eyes closed in fear, hiding from the bad or the scary stuff.  I have to open them up or I will miss the blessings.  There are a lot of bad and scary things going on in our world right now.  Do I close my eyes or do I open them up and face them bravely knowing God right by my side.   We are here on this earth to for a reason and its not to sit by with our eyes closed hoping that the bad stuff will just magically go away.  We must open our eyes to what we don’t want to see, then step up and open the door.  Then don’t just open the door, go through it and then open those eyes and do something about what we see.  That is the only way to have true peace and see true beauty.  I want to open my eyes and receive the blessings he has put here for me.

 I am not sure what God has in store for me this time but I do know that he has never left me before and every single trial, pain or suffering I have had in my life has ended up having a good outcome and a lesson learned.  I know I still have a lot to learn and I also know life will never be boring.  When I let God into my life nobody said it would be easy, but it is so much better.  I have nothing to fear because – I can do everything through Him, who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

* a note to what the spider webs I am seeing are and no I am not nuts and seeing things….Yesterday I woke with huge black floaters and flashing lights in my eye again.  I tried my best to ignore it but just as I finished shopping at a grocery store a giant spider web looking black mass covered my vision.   I went to my retina doctor and found out have yet another eye issue, caused either by scarring in my eye from my retinal vein occlusion I had last year of the medication they used to treat it.  The vitreous gel is pulling away from my peripheral area of vision has torn my retina a bit so what I am seeing is blood floating in my eye.  At this point there is nothing that can be done except to wait and watch it in case I would happen to get a retinal detachment. But no worries as you can tell I am doing well because God has me and is in control :)

Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed day 🙂

9 thoughts on “Spider Webs

  1. Freedomborn says:

    Hi T after a fall last year I have the same problem , perhaps not as bad as yours but you do get use to seeing the floaters as your eyes adjust, remember to watch for the signs that show retina detachment.

    Have a good day – Christian Love Anne.

    P.S I meant to tell you T with you only being new to Blogging, WordPress often don’t send the replies to comments you leave on other peoples Blogs so don’t forget to check back, not all but some do take the time to reply and let you know they value your input.


  2. T says:

    Thank you Anne, I have had floaters my whole life so I do not usually notice them to much but this is really very different than the normal ones I see. But other things in my vision such as the sparkles I see from my vein occlusion last year I have gotten used to and don’t notice anymore, just as you said with the floaters. It’s really cool how our brains will over look those things after a while. I have noticed today with God’s help I feel more at peace about the “tree branches” I see. Thanks so much for your encouragement and for stopping by to read my blog. I have been busy this past couple weeks vacationing and also remodeling a room in my house so have not been online as much. I am hoping to catch up on some blog reading later this evening. Also thanks for the blogging tips, your so nice 🙂 I usually try to click the box that says notify me of follow up comments so that they go to my email, but sometimes I forget to click it. Have a great day and thanks again for stopping by 🙂


  3. Freedomborn says:

    Hi again T just an update on receiveing replies I always click follow up comments but still don’t receive replies I tested it once and didn’t click reply but still recevied some, must be faulty equipment anyway if not received check back.

    Kind regards Anne.


  4. T says:

    Thank you so much, I will for sure try to check back on blogs I comment on in the future. ,That is if this forgetful brain of mine can remember where its been. lol.


    • Freedomborn says:

      I have made a folder T and when I leave a comment I send the Post by using File to the desk top and put it into the folder then check back and delete once they reply.

      Kind regards Anne


  5. Terra says:

    Thank you for sharing your story as well as the pictures. Isn’t is amazing how God will reveal a brighter side to things when we listen and obey?!! I LOVE how He does that and then blesses us with tangible things as well. Your flowers are beautiful! My face lit up because I have seen God’s hand at work with the very creations He made just to bring joy to us! What a loving Father He is! God bless you…. I surely will be praying about your eye issues. Keep trusting in the Lord to work everything out. The mere fact that you can still blog and share of His lovingkindness is a blessing!

    Take care of yourself T. 🙂


    • T says:

      Thank you, It is amazing how he does that 🙂 I guess I need to update my blog a bit. I have seen the doctor since and the bleeding inside my eye has stopped and so far it is looking like it is healing. I go see her again in 2 weeks. The spider webs are still there but God has given me peace and also the ability to see through them so that I do not notice them as much now. Thank you for praying and for reading God bless you! 🙂


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