The Path

No matter how I try to walk a straight path a turn it will make.

I never knew how much work this Journey would take.

The path its full of turns and twists. If I don’t turn right will I be left?

It’s long and its crooked

would I have gotten on had I looked?

I walk in the valley I see the mountain in front,

I want to go up but keep hitting bumps.

Distractions catch my attention,

I wander sometimes getting lost in the brush .

I keep pushing on, because I know I must.

Falling sometimes I must not give up.

Sometimes I wander around lost for days.

But always returning he won’t let me lose my way.

If I think I’m lost he pursues me, gently reminding,

the path is not straight it is bumpy and winding.

For every inch that I move forward I may fall back two,

Each step bringing me closer to the view.

One day atop of that mountain I’ll reach,

Only then I will know I am finally complete.

But for now on his journey I will continue to go.

Each curve in the path is helping me grow.

By T 3/24/2012

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