Weathering the Storm

Have you ever had a storm catch you by surprise?  Its a beautiful warm Spring day, you are outside and think you hear rumble of thunder off in the distance.  You may stop and think to yourself is that thunder?  You decide it wasn’t and keep doing whatever you are doing.   A while later you hear it again only it sounds closer this time.  You have a lot to do so you keep on going hoping its just going to miss you.   Soon you feel a slight breeze then a little while later the sky begins to darken.  You just are not ready to go in yet and only have a few more things to do…you keep going trying to beat the rain.  Then all the sudden you smell it, rain,  you smell the rain in the air, just about then you hear the rain coming, drops hitting the ground closely gaining on you fast.  You run as fast as you can to get out of the rain but not before it catches you.  Soaking you from head to toe.  If only you had paid closer attention would you have seen it coming…would you have been able to avoid it??

Not all storms of life are rain storms.  We have storms of uncertainty, maybe a loss of a loved one or problems in our marriage, problems at work or maybe just a frustrating teenage child.  We have severe storms and sometimes just small showers.  Sometimes they are self inflicted storms.  They may slip In out of nowhere or we may have a plenty of warning.  No matter how they come it is inevitable storms will come into our lives and when they do before we know it we are soaked head to toe.  Psalm 107:1 says “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures”.  Is that enough to help us through the storms of life?  Is his love really enough?  That may sound silly and hard to believe but it is so true.  His love is enough.  Psalm 107 talks about this sort of thing, you can read it by clicking here, (make sure you read it before reading the rest of this story).  I am just a normal person who has not been reading the Bible very long so I am not totally familiar with all the stories yet but it sounds to me that people in Psalm 107 are in the midst of some pretty severe storms.   I wanted to find out exactly what was going on in this story so I went to my handy Study Bible in hopes of finding an answer.

This is what the commentary says is probably going on… ‘Israel having experienced anew God’s mercies in her return from Babylonian exile, is led by a Levite in celebrating God’s unfailing benevolence toward those who have cried out to him in the crises of their lives’. 

Isn’t this good to know?  Their storm even looks to be a self inflicted storm yet God still has love and mercy for them, he led them through the storm 🙂 No matter what your storm is his love endures… his love for YOU.  During the storms or life we must keep thanking him for the blessings he has given us.  Sometimes Its hard to see the blessings during a really dark storm but they are there, ALWAYS and we should thank him for them AlWAYS.   His love for us always there, all we have to do is run to him and he will be there as our shelter and protection during the storm.

“He stilled the storm to a whisper the waves of the sea were hushed” Psalm 107:29

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