Today’s Blessings…The Count

I didn’t wake up in the best of moods today so I have decided to try a something new. I am going to count my blessings as they happen all day long and write them down. This list will be compiled as my day progresses.

Where do I start? I think number one is I am seems a good place to start. What a blessing that is in itself! The chance to experience the blessings that God gave me is a wonderful blessing. I am also hearing a new song on the radio right now and its an amazing song so second on the list is New songs. Oh and I can’t forget I have the ability to hear the song..the radio I hear it on ..the radio station that is playing the song…and the band who is singing it.. Music I sure do love music….Gosh that’s 6 and I am sure I have probably left out quite a few.   Next is new Shoes, some people don’t even have shoes and I have the blessing of a new pair of shoes.  The list goes on….the ability to write this…a car to drive…the ability to drive that car…garage door openers…hazelnut coffee…food…rain…flowers blooming…chirping birds…sunshine after the rain…the smile on my sons face and my son of course and the hug he gave me before he left for work….timely tweets from my tweeting friends….little kids laughing…spring…phone calls from good friends…thankful that I have friends, old friends, new friends, friends who understand and like me just as I am…sore knees they remind me I can walk…. my cat who insists on sitting in my lap even though I have put him down several times, he loves me…the sound of my husband clapping as is watches basketball on tv and that he didn’t have to work late so he is home with me…dinner, a stove to cook it on, a table to sit at to eat it…Bible study…the Bible…the ability to read…a couch to take a nap on…my kids…my grandson Mason…Sweet little Bre…letters from Thierry and Walkiris…my favorite fuzzy blanket…my home…good health…clean water to drink…my parents..a joyful text from a friend…the beautiful sunset…stars shining brightly…the moon…Love…Joy…Peace….

As my day comes to an end I look over this list of blessings I have compiled through out my day and I realize that these are just a small few of the many blessings I received today..  Each and every single day of my life has been and will continue to be full of blessings. This writing down of my blessings put things into perspective for me.  When counting my blessings my day seemed to go much better and I feel so very thankful for what God has given me.  When feeling down one thing to remember always is to look up… look up to God always and thank him for the many blessings that he gives me every single day 🙂

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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