Lost and alone, I feel so far from home.

I need help out of this place, This feeling of pain I can barely take.

Lord can you hear me crying? Where are you hiding?

I feel so broken and weak, Your strength I seek.

I feel darkness surrounding, My heart is pounding.

I can’t take the fear, I feel it so near.

I’m on my knees, begging you please.

Please here my cries, I’m crumbling inside.

Please give me your hand I need it to stand.

As I am weeping Your warmth I feel seeping.

Like a waves flowing in I feel your peace begin.

I feel you filling up my heart we were never apart.

Your tender embrace, Your love light shining forever on my face.

You were always there with your love to share.

Terri Siebert Feb 26, 2012

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