The Way You Speak To Me

When I am feeling lonely and weak,

Your the cool breeze I feel blowing across my cheek.

Your the sun shining warmly upon my face.

Your a cloud floating by with smoothness and grace.

Your the laughter of a child.

Your the warmth of a smile.

Your a flower in bloom.

Your the light of the moon.

Your a bee buzzing near.

Your the bird chirp I hear.

Your the smell of the rain.  

Your what keeps me sane.

Your the sound beneath the roar if my life.

Your the whisper that tells me everything is alright.

By:  Terri Siebert 2/25/2012

6 thoughts on “The Way You Speak To Me

    • T says:

      Thank you, and I love what you just wrote because not only are the words beautiful but also so very very true….’He is the soul inside me and the world outside… :’)


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