The Inconvenience of Convenience

This is a world of disposable things we like things that make our lives convenient. We use paper dishes so we don’t have to wash them. We have paper napkins that save us laundry time. We have frozen meals to save cooking time. Email instead of old fashioned slow hand written hand delivered mail. Drive through car washes and restaurants. We can shop online and never even have to leave our house. These things make our lives easier but in our world of convenience we also throw away people too. Marriages and families are crumbling. Many are divorced and many are on marriage #2, 3 or more. Many family’s don’t have both parents. Why do we throw things and people away? We do it for our own convenienece. Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe convenience is not actually the better way. What’s wrong with putting a little extra effort into our lives? When we eat off the good china the food looks and tastes way better. I remember having to do dishes with my brother when I was a kid, I thought I hated it then but now I cherish that time we spent together talking and laughing.Remember the days of washing your car by hand? Maybe it turned into a water fight with a friend or family member? Laughing as you threw soap or squirted each other with the hose. How about changing the oil of a car with your dad? It was a time of talking and just hanging out with him. Frozen pizza verses homemade pizza. Homemade is way better and its lots of fun to create your own specialty pizza and the whole family can help. How about baking a cake verses store bought? Have you ever watched a child lick icing from the mixer beaters? The look on their face is worth all the extra work. Marriage is the next big thing on this long list I have today. When we have trouble we just walk away. We move on to new people looking to something easier. We dont want to work at it so we just toss the person and move on to the next person only to find they were not any better than the first and it still requires the extra effort. What happened to growing old together? Do you know that feeling of when you sit or lay by your spouse and you just fit? Finishing each others sentences? Knowing their scent? What makes them happy? Having a history together with someone is awesome. The remember when’s …those are the best 🙂 Anything that is worth having usually takes a lot of effort. It’s also more rewarding when its something you have put hard work and love into. A garden won’t grow if you don’t water it and prune it. The same goes with a marriage. We must continually keep giving it our love and care finding out what works and what doesn’t. The more we put into it the more it will flourish and bloom. Things in this life won’t always be easy and they will never be perfect, but nothing on this earth ever is. We will know one day in Heaven what perfect really is but for now while we are here on this Earth why not slow down and put a lot less convenience in our lives? Why not throw less stuff away like friend and family time and watch what happens? Take time out and smell the roses, it will be a blessing. February 22, 2012

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