Your Gift

As I open my eyes

I see the sun begin to rise.

Shining out of the dark swirls of pink purple and blue.

A beauty so awesome reminds me its you.

Orange and yellow begin to shine bright

As the sun slips up over the edge of the night.

A new day dawning your full glory I see.

Thank you God for this gift you give to me.

Written By Terri Siebert

4 thoughts on “Your Gift

  1. Men of One Accord says:

    As may have seen I have been through your poems, they are soft and gentle, they clam ones soul. Your Gift I like the best, love, it is like a young bride whispering to her groom. I have a poetry section too, I would like to know what you think of some of my poems, please. Hope your Christmas was grand and His blessing go with you all the next year, Amen. James


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