Answered Prayer

How many times have I cried out in desperation to God begging for him to help me through a desperate situation only to find him not immediately answering my prayer? Almost EVERY time. What I don’t realize at the time is he has a plan. In this world we want an instant fix. But did I ever stop to think that maybe an instant fix is not what is needed. How would I learn and grow if things were always fixed instantly? How do we learn to appreciate what we have if we don’t have to work or suffer to get it. I was watching my grandson the other day. He was trying to stand. His little hands reach out and grab onto the edge of a table as he begins to try to stand he slipped and fell on his little bottom. He immediately got back up and began to try again… finally getting up on wobbly little legs he fell down again. He immediately grabbed on struggling yet again to stand. Finally his little wobbly legs held him up as he clinged onto the edge of the table he looked up at me as a look of joyful excitement crossed his face. He was standing. It wasn’t easy he fell a lot on the way but he finally made it all the way up . Sometimes in life I have found myself praying for to God to just hurry something along , to get me through it quickly. I don’t like the struggle or the pain when falling down. But in watching my grandson it dawned on me… Without the struggle to get up he would never had appreciated or enjoyed the victory. The story does not end here with him standing firmly on his feet… a few seconds latter He got so excited to be standing that he raised his little hands and let go…he wobbled and fell once more. He looked a bit surprised just for a moment then a giant grin crossed his face and he climbed right back up and stood again confidently knowing he could stand up. It was easier that time and will be easier each time he stands up. I started thinking that’s the way it is for us our whole lives. We are taking small baby steps learning to stand. We may stumble and fall along the way but each time it gets easier to get back up. We feel a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to know that we can stand as long as we have the right foundation to stand on. We can reach our hands up to Jesus, hold on to him as we try to stand. Things may be so hard sometimes that we be clinging. But if we can always trust him to hold and guide us each time we stand up. Our prayers will be answered. Maybe not the way we want or as fast as we would like but I do know they will be answered in a way that will always be worth the struggle. Thank God for your struggles because they will always make you stronger.
‘give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Jan 24, 2012

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