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  1. Beverley says:

    Hi Terri, I am a bit confused I cant seem to find your blog posts, unable to navigate have you changed something. i saw the one about Jesus been taken out of Christmas but that was by chance. Have you deleted all your previous posts? 😦 there use to be a month list but that has gone too. Please let me know thank you. I have noticed this since last week, I just went on here to show my daughter couple posts you wrote but since Monday, at least, I cannot ind them Thank you, hope you are well, i was concerned about your eyesight and the progress.. always in my prayers..


    • Terri says:

      Hi Beverly, about a week ago I tried to move my blog to a self hosted site. during the process I lost my blog and my followers for a while. A few days ago the wordpress techs helped me to come back to the old blog address and get my readers back. You may have somehow still been lost in the mixup. Check to see that you are at and not . I am seeing the months list on my end and the links seem to be working. My eyes are great now. Totally healed, thanks for caring 🙂 God is so wonderful. Please let me know if the site is working or not, it seems to be working on my end and no one else has said anything about it not working for the past few days. sorry about the confusion. Have a blessed day Beverley and so glad to see you back, I missed you! 🙂


    • Terri says:

      Also forgot to add and if you get there maybe check and see that you are still a follower of the blog, just in case wordpress didn’t get you back in correctly?


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