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Today’s music Monday song is “Live it Well” by Switchfoot.

I love this song because it speaks so much about attitude and how our attitude can actually determine how well we live our lives.

There are days when it may seem as if there are only small glimmers of light peeking out of the dark, but on those days when we really make a conscious effort to focus on those glimmers then we are always sure to find the good.

We can also be one of those glimmers to someone else.

When we are living life well and sharing God’s love with others then we will see him even more.

Have a great week!

Terri Siebert

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2 thoughts on “Live It Well

  1. What you shared with us is so True T …..”When we are living life well and sharing God’s Love with others, then we will see Him even more.”

    This is because we are walking in The Fruit of The Spirit and He gives us completeness in Christ Jesus and that is also in Unity with The Father.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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