Hi and Happy Friday!

I am excited to share with you that I am blogging over at Compassion International‘s blog today. Check it out here – The Hope in Haiti .

Have a great day!



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0 thoughts on “The Hope In Haiti

  1. How fun that you posted on the CI blog!! I loved your post. It was beautiful. And I always enjoy your sharing about Haiti. Your love and passion is an evidence of God in you.

    • Yes it was fun though I did get a bit nervous writing for someone else’s blog 🙂 thank you for coming by to comment and for your kind comment, I see those same things in you through your blog.

  2. Great post, Terri. I think you really hit on something in how powerful it is to know that someone knows your name. I can really picture the scene that unfolded before you as you read the children’s names.

    • Thank you Andy your always so kind, I replied over there but the comment is still in moderation, so just in case you didn’t see it I wanted to reply here too 🙂

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